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Hey We Get It, You’re Busy...

Our simple online booking and a uber-friendly sales center makes it fun and easy to get an estimate and book an appointment. All services are scheduled for a specific date and time that’s convenient to you rather than squeezing you into a wide open service window that suites us more than you. If it suits your busy schedule better, you don’t even need to be home for us to get the job done right the first time!

It ain’t rocket science (but pretty durn close)

Our space age cleaning tools are designed by NASA and are the same used by Astronauts….OK, maybe we are stretching the truth just a little. But our cutting edge tools do ensure quick, thorough and safe service. Equipment like carbon-fiber water-fed poles, 3-part filtration systems, and 3 story gutter vacuums ensure that we complete our work safely for both our team and your property and leave everything absolutely squeaky clean before we jump aboard our rocket-boosted service vans and blast off to our next happy customer.”

Personalized Care

You broke a tooth on Aunt Bessie’s infamous fruit cake and need to reschedule your appointment for an emergency crown? No Problem… What date works better for you? A flock of pigeons just committed suicide on your freshly cleaned windows right after we pulled out of your driveway?? No Worries… We will be back in a jiffy to touch those back up to whistle clean. Do you want to set up a re-occurring service 2x per year??? No Sweat… We gotcha covered!

When it comes to your property maintenance, you want peace of mind and Nu•Clear delivers!

Whether you need a regular maintenance program, or have a special request…or the unexpected popped up in life, we’ll personally take care of you per your personal needs in a very personal manner. With Nu•Clear, It’s Personal.

Ready To Restore Your Property?

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